Disinfection is, in the simplest terms, sanitizing, eradication of all microorganisms and germs. It destroys vegetative forms of microorganisms, but will not always combat spore forms. Along with disinfection and deratization, it is the third basic segment of the pest control industry.

Disinfection is a very broad term. It can be separated into subdivisions, such as:

  • deodorization – combating unpleasant, offensive odors
  • deodorization – combating mites, scabies

Few of us realize how necessary disinfection is in our daily existence. Disinfection procedures are carried out by each of us and even several times a day, if only when washing our hands. Washing clothes or washing dishes is also a disinfecting procedure.

Where do we use disinfection?

In addition to the aforementioned personal disinfection, disinfection treatments have an unimaginably broad spectrum of applications, including:

  • agriculture – disinfection of poultry houses, barns, stables,
  • medicine – disinfection of medical equipment, hospitals, rooms, beds,
  • transportation – disinfection of vehicles used for transporting live animals,
  • butcher shops, slaughterhouses – disinfection of equipment, fighting bad odors,
  • hotel industry – disinfection of rooms, halls, kitchens
  • individual customers – disinfection of houses, clothes, etc.

Disinfection methods

In disinfection we distinguish between several methods of combating microorganisms. We divide them into physical methods, chemical methods and thermal-chemical methods.

Chemical method of disinfection

Consists of spreading (spraying, fogging) a suitable disinfectant. Several different sprayers can be used for this purpose. The product must be distributed in the right concentration, and the treatment must last a certain amount of time to have the ability to provide the desired effect.

Disinfection with a ULV sprayer. Ultra Low Volume (ULV) – spraying with a minimal amount of disinfectant. It is also called fine droplet spraying or cold fogging.

Disinfection with a thermal fogger (Pulsfog device). The treatment using hot fog, which is a carrier of the preparation, gives the opportunity to reach hard-to-reach places.

The current trend is for an environmentally friendly lifestyle. The situation is similar in the industry of disinfection, disinfestation and deratization services. More and more preparations are disappearing from wholesale shelves, and more and more active substances are finding their way onto lists of banned agents. Service providers in the disinfection industry are inclined to follow the changes and incorporate modern and eco-friendly solutions into their offerings.

Physical method of disinfection

Recently, physical methods have been gaining popularity. One of the physical methods used in disinfection is the extremely widely used OZONE (triatomic oxygen molecule). Modern ozone generators are gradually displacing traditional forms of disinfection.

Another method is steam – steam at a temperature of 100-105°C at lower pressure (0.45-0.5 atm) is used to disinfect pre-cleaned equipment, clothing, waste disposal. Steam at normal pressure is used to disinfect sanitary equipment, among other things.

Another method is also radiation – UV rays with a wavelength of 256nm are used for decontamination, which destroys microorganisms in the air and on uncovered surfaces.

Effectiveness of disinfection

The effectiveness of disinfection depends on several factors: the chemical used should be in the right concentration, matched to the conditions. Conditions are determined by temperature, humidity, pH, or the presence of organic matter. However, the primary factor is the species of microorganisms, their abundance and physiological activity.

With many years of experience, Carsekt has become a specialist in disinfection. The most common methods chosen depend only on the customer’s needs. Depending on whether the customer is from the agricultural, medical, economic sector or is an individual customer our company adapts to his needs. By individual and medical customers, the most common disinfection service chosen is ozonation. This is a completely safe process in which no chemicals are used.