Disinfection, disinsection, fumigation.
Pests control

Are you looking for fumigation services?

Carsekt Sp. z o.o.

We are a company that provides disinfection, disinsection and deratization services.

We specialize in the field of wood pest control. We perform fumigation and microwaving of all kinds of wooden objects. We thermally treat wooden packaging according to the ISPM-15 standard for international trade.

Our offer is addressed to everyone who has a problem with pests and needs help in their control. We operate throughout the country. We carry out treatments at any – convenient for the customer – time, in accordance with current standards, the state of knowledge and applicable law, the requirements of the widely understood health safety of people and animals, and respect for the environment.

In our work we focus on quality and customer satisfaction, so we are constantly improving our qualifications and looking for innovative solutions.

Cooperation with us is a guarantee of efficiency and satisfaction.


30 years of experience in the industry, knowledge and modern equipment allow us to perform services of the highest quality.


With a professional approach, we are effective. In most cases, a single visit solves the problem.


We advise on wood pest control, disinsecting and disinfection. Just contact us by email, or phone - it costs you nothing!

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